Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Milka & Daim

For today's Wednesday world food review I'm leaving the USA and coming back to Europe - albeit to an American owned brand - Milka with Daim. 
I love Daim bars, they're a mix of two of my favourite things - crunchy chocolate and caramel, what's not to like! 

Milka are now owned by Mondel─ôz, the international branch of the snack food company formerly (and more well) known as Kraft Foods, who along with Unilever might as well own everything and anything in the world. While the Cadbury line have come under fire for changing the recipes and shapes of near enough every product, I haven't heard all that much complaining about Milka and it's nice to see the bar was still square! 
I was very pleased to find that it actually smelt of chocolate - proper chocolate not what legally has to be known as candy in America, where it's more sugar and vegetable fats than anything else.

The Milka had a lovely flavour, it's been a while but is this how our everyday chocolate used to taste? It really shows how crap the stuff they're passing off as Cadbury nowadays is! Not only is the actual chocolate pretty damn tasty but the little Daim chunks generously dotted about just improved an already impressive bar. The texture is ideal for me, a mix of creamy, sweet chocolate and buttery caramel in crunchy chewy pieces.
Come on Mondel─ôz. if you can make good, run of the mill chocolate on the continent (and Dairy Milk in Ireland for that matter) why does ours taste so different?? 

Sure, I've had a lot better quality chocolate but this was impressive for a mass produced bar. 

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