Friday, 30 October 2015

Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes & Charms Blue Razz Berry Blow Pop - Taffy Mail

Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes 

The thing I liked about the Taffy Mail box was that it included smaller packets of sweets that I'd have liked to try but let's be honest, who's going to pay import prices on Amazon and the like, for small bags of sweets and lollipops! 

They wouldn't be American if there wasn't at least one neon blue sweet! 
I definitely wouldn't be paying for these from Amazon no matter how tasty they might have been once I saw how many were in the pack. That's all of them! 
I couldn't pick out a particular smell in the bag and there's no indication of flavours. 
They have a weird, very thick texture. It's chewy but a weird chew - like an extra thick, super solidified jelly. 
The orange cubes had a good strong flavour which I'm guessing was orange. It was strong but not instantly recognisable. The red had strong flavours at first which faded to nothing while chewing then left a sharp, sour aftertaste. I don't know what the blue or purpley-grey were supposed to be, they were quite plain and just tasted like sugar mainly. No real flavour I could pick out. 
None of these were sour enough to be called sour cubes, to be fair the packet has a little scale on the back ranking Tart-Sour-Super Sour-Extreme and these rate at just sour apparently, but 3/4 had no sourness at all. Coming after the strength of the previous sweets I was dissapointed. 


Charms Blue Razz Berry Blow Pop

Last but not least was the blow pop, I didn't google it or pay it much thought as its a lollipop right? 

And more blue! 
The wrapper had come open a little but it still smelt quite strong considering. At first it had a pleasant blueberry taste that wasn't as artificial as I expected but the more I sucked (now now) the crazier it got. This was exactly what I expected and hoped for with the blow pop, very sugary, very fake tasting but very strong. The only thing I wasn't too keen on was the sugary film it left over my teeth - I was looking forward to brushing them while I was still eating it. 
Once you get through the lollipop the centre becomes a bubblegum, it was very juicy and incredibly strong but not even a minute after I started chewing the raspberry flavour was completely gone and it had that horrible flavour you get after you've had chewing gum for about 10 minutes - you might as well be chewing rubber. 
Such a shame as it was good up until that point! 


Remember if you go to the original Taffy Mail post, there is a code for readers of the blog for 15% off your first box - I definitely reccomend! 

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