Thursday, 22 October 2015

Skittles Darkside Limited Edition

Originally I wasn't going to review these, I assumed they were the same as the American ones everyone else has reviewed. I waited to find them in a smaller bag as I enjoy skittles but not enough to eat one of the big bags. 

They aren't the same though - I don't know if these are a limited edition Halloween release or what but every other review I've read have had the flavours as: Blood Orange, Midnight Lime, Sweet Pomegranate, Sweet Strawberry and one called Forbidden Fruit, which most people agree is blackcurrant. 
In the bag I've picked up though, the blue flavour is Dark Berry and the rest are all the same.
I agree with the general opinion most people had of the Darkside Skittles. 
Blood Orange just tasted of normal orange to me, Wicked Pomegranate was quite sweet - no sharpness or sourness and to be honest was very similar to the berry flavours. Midnight lime while delicious, was just lime, Sweet strawberry once again tasted just like strawberry and finally I came to the Dark Berry. You guessed it - berries! I couldn't really pick out any one main berry but there was a bit of a weird taste to it too that I couldn't put my finger on. 
I needn't have bothered photographing and reviewing these; they taste fine albeit a bit boring, very similar to normal skittles and lack any deep or crazy flavours that would make these a 'dark' version of Skittles.  

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