Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mr Kipling milkshake cakes

I'm not a great lover of cake I have to be honest, we always have cakes in the house for my fiancée but they're usually from the bakery with lots of fresh cream - not for me. I noticed these new flavoured and smaller sized packs of milkshake cakes from Mr Kipling and if there's one thing I do like its a milkshake. 

All three have vanilla flavoured filling (14%) between the flavour of milkshake sponge topped with the chosen flavoured fondant icing (24%)

I decided to try the chocolate first, although I don't even want to think about how much chocolate I eat normally I can't remember a time where I've ever picked it as a milkshake flavour. Still it's a chocolate cake so should be easy enough. 
I don't really have much to say about the chocolate and vanilla milkshake cake. Some positives were the cake was soft, moist and pretty tasty. The negatives were where was the chocolate? This is the only one of the three to have two different flavour sponges - vanilla and chocolate and from the packets the only one not to have a flavoured fondant, just a decorated one. That came across in flavour, I could taste the vanilla filling but really the sugary fondant drowned out any chocolate I might have tasted in the cake. I tried this one first, and my other half last and he agreed it didn't really taste like a milkshake so I didn't just have a dodgy one either. 

Rating 6/10 

I went for banana milkshake for the next one I tried, he'd already had one and despite hating banana was raving about it so no pressure after chocolate! As soon as I opened the little individually wrapped square the smell of banana struck me. It was very strong especially compared to the chocolate. This has a banana flavoured sponge and fondant and mixed with the vanilla Mr Kipling has got the taste of banana milkshake bang on. There's nothing more to say really, I had no faults with this little cake, it's a delicious treat and I'll be fighting with the so called banana hater over the last one! 

Rating 9/10  

Last but not least I tried strawberry milkshake, my first choice when it comes to actual  milkshakes - the cake and fondant are strawberry flavoured like with the banana. As with the previous two the cakes are nice and moist, despite having been in my cupboard for a couple of weeks and nearing the end of their shelf life, with a thick firm fondant. The scent was again very strong when I opened it up but interestingly my immediate thoughts with this was that it smelt like strawberry milkshake - the banana smelt of a slightly artificial banana but this didn't smell like a punnet of strawberries or even strawberry sweets - more like a thick creamy milkshake from Wimpy (my guilty pleasure! You can keep the Bender in a Bun though, thanks). The flavour was again spot on - I'm not sure which was stronger, probably the strawberry but together. With the vanilla they combined to make a perfect milkshake taste in cake form. If I wasn't so impressed by the banana milkshake this would be a 9 too. 

Rating 8/10 

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  1. Ugh I LOVE Mr Kipling! I haven't had one in ages though!