Monday, 6 April 2015

Thorntons Sticky Toffee cake slices

I don't think these cake slices are new but I've not noticed them before, maybe it's new packaging. 

I decided to have one today as I fancied something sweet but even I've managed to overdo it on the chocolate this Easter. 
When we bought these we were unsure as you can't remove the cardboard without breaking it, but all 5 slices are individually packaged. It's nice manufacturers have finally cottoned on that so much nice food is wasted when you only fancy one or two sweet treats and the rest end up going stale. Not that that happens often in this house, I open something nice and he polishes them off while I'm not looking! 

The icing on the top of the cake looks pretty, has a decent toffee flavour and as it's quite thick gives a slight crunch to each mouthful. 
The cake is where my problems lay though. Maybe it's just my pack as they do go off tomorrow, but considering they're all in air tight little compartments, they're quite dry. Not stale tasting, just dry and left me needing a swig of drink once I'd finished it. 
I don't think I'd buy this version again on that basis - but there is a chocolate version available too that was returned to the shelf in favour of this, that I'd like to try. Hopefully the cake itself will be moister as Thorntons have managed the flavour. 

Rating 6/10 

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