Sunday, 14 September 2014

Snickers More Nuts

I'll keep this review kind of short and sweet as this Snickers isn't a new one. Mars are releasing three limited edition versions of the Snickers bar, one called More Nuts, one called More Caramel and the final More Chocolate.
This is More Nuts and it has actually been released before in 2010.
I picked theses bars up in a multipack in Tesco and was quite looking forward to trying it. I'll start by saying while I love snacking on peanuts I actually can't stand peanut butter, I don't mind the flavour too much it's more of the smacky mouth sensation that makes me feel like my tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth if that makes sense, I hope someone else knows what I'm talking about!

This has 10% more nuts according to the pack, and you can see in the pictures at least half of the bar is taken up by nuts.  On first bite I was pretty impressed, it's got great texture and is crunchy and chewy in the same mouthful.  Then the taste came, it's just overwhelmingly peanut buttery - too much so, for someone like me who does not enjoy peanut butter it completely overpowered the rest of the bar. I've actually given the other 3 away already and I never do that.
Not a fan of this, if you enjoy peanut butter, or even don't mind it I think you'll like this bar. I'm now dreading my final pint (apart from the new Satisfy My Bowl which if anyone spots PLEASE let me know where!) of Ben And Jerrys to to finish my list of every flavour tried - it's Peanut Butter Me Up Core …. I'm scared!

Rating 4/10

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