Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Nakd Banana Crunch

I love nakd bars, they seem a lot more filling to me than other bars of the same size and weight (obviously not some of the mega protein bars!) and they actually have flavour rather than tasting of cardboard.

The banana bread bar is normally my bar of choice and I've had my eyes peeled for these new crunch versions and I finally picked them up at Tesco. One stand out feature of these bars are they are gluten free, vegan and have no added sugar or syrups.
These are 43% dates, 18% soya crunchies, 15% cashews, 15% raisins, suprisingly only 6% banana considering the rich banana smell you get immediately, 2% apple juice concentrate and a hunt if natural colouring. It's always nice to have a small ingredient list like that!

The nakd bars never look the most appetising of foods, but you can really see these bars are filled to the brim with fruit pieces, you aren't getting any filler with these it's just the good stuff! 

I think I've found a new favourite in this bar (although we'll see once I've tried the strawberry crunch version), it still has the lovely flavour of the banana bread bar but the 'crunchies' give it something else I didn't even realise it was missing. Unless I'm missing something these are a really delicious, actually healthy snack/breakfast/whatever bar and will definitely be replaced once this box is gone.

Rating 8/10

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